Pediatric Behavioral Health

Our Partnership With You

Great health care comes from a partnership between the patient, the family, and the practitioner.  

This page describes you can expect from PBH and what we ask of you in this collaboration.

PBH Agrees:

  1. To treat you with kindness and respect.
  2. To provide you with the best treatment, testing, or advocacy that we are able, within the community standards for good practice and informed by the available scientific literature.
  3. To answer your telephone calls in a timely manner and make emergency contacts available to help you through times of crisis.
  4. To maintain your privacy and your dignity by protecting your personal health information. (Please see our HIPAA privacy notification for details).
  5. To regularly communicate with your primary care provider and be available to your primary care provider to answer any questions or concerns, unless you do not wish us to do so.
  6. To bill your insurance company directly, if you have insurance coverage from a company we work with.
  7. If you leave our practice, we will help you find another provider and we will continue to treat you for a brief period until another provider is identified.  We will send copies of your records to the new provider, with your written permission.  Even if you are in the process of leaving our practice, if there is an emergency, we will continue to provide appropriate and necessary care.

By coming to PBH, you agree to:

  1. Pay the charges (or co-pay) at the time of service, just like you do with the plumber or at the grocery store.  Unfortunately, that includes any fees your insurance does not pay for any reason (for example, due to exhausted benefits, deductibles, etc.) and late or missed appointment fees.  If you do not pay, PBH reserves the right to suspend treatment, but we will help you find medically necessary services elsewhere.
  2. Show up when you say you will.  We usually have a waiting list, so if you are not able to make a scheduled appointment, there is someone who would like to come instead.  Please read our Cancellation Policy for details. 
  3. Tell us if you are unhappy with us.  If there is a problem with our office, we'd like the chance to make it right.  If there is a problem in therapy, we'd like the chance to figure out why and see if we can change our approach to make you more comfortable.
  4. Tell your friends if you are happy with us.  Your referrals are our best source of other great clients.

We look forward to having a warm and mutually beneficial relationship with you!