Pediatric Behavioral Health

Our Rates

Please be aware that payment is due at the time of service. If payments are not made within 7 days of the date of service, you will be charged a $10 late fee (not billable to insurance).

Below is information about our rates and fees. (Please be aware that these are subject to change)

Most of our patients pay directly and do not use insurance benefits. (Why? See Frequent Questions)
If you have questions about insurance, please see Insurance or give us a call.

Medication Evaluation & Treatment Hourly Rate Anticipated Expense
Kimberly Mastis, MD $270

Initial Evaluation: $375
Follow-up Appointments: $135
     (usually scheduled monthly)

Julie Lysiak, RN, MS, CS

$175 Initial Evaluation: $175
Follow-up Appointments: $87.50
     (usually scheduled monthly)

Paul Hammerness, MD


Initial Evaluation: $350

Follow-up Appointments: $175

(usually scheduled monthly)


Hourly Rate

Typical Course of Treatment

Jill Damon-Minow, PsyD


$1050 - $1750

Marcia Galvinhill, PhD, HSP


$1050 - $1750

Tracey Guertin, PhD, HSP


$1200 - $2000

Dawn Hartnett, LICSW


$900 - $1500

Heather Kerr, LICSW


$750 - $1250

Patricia Lonergan, LMHC


$750 - $1250

Joan Murphy, LMHC


$750 - $1250

Jason Minow, PhD


$1050 - $1750

Julie Oroczo, LICSW

$125 $750 - $1250

Neuropsychological Testing Hourly Rate Anticipated Expense
Jill Damon-Minow, PsyD $175 Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation: $2500 to $3000
(Depending on scope and report requested)
Jason Minow, PhD

 Educational Advocacy* Hourly Rate Anticipated Expense
Dawn Hartnett, LICSW 150 Initial Evaluation $175
Follow-up Meetings $125/hour (including travel time)

*Please note: Educational Advocacy is not billable to insurance

Group Therapy Session Rate Anticipated Expense
Tracey Guertin, PhD $55 $400 to $600
(For 8 to 12 weeks)
Dawn Hartnett, LICSW
Patricia Lonergan, LMHC

Cancellation Policy Fee
Cancellations made 48 or more hours before the appointment No charge.
Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the appointment $35*
Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment Half the cost of the appointment*
Appointments missed without notification Full cost of the appointment*

Copies of Medical Records $20*


* Please be aware that these fees are not billable to insurance.