Pediatric Behavioral Health

About Insurance

Understanding "The Network"

Insurance companies have "networks" of health care professionals that they are contracted to work with. If a professional is "in network" or "covered" for a particular insurance company, then you can use that person's services according to the terms of your insurance (for example, you pay a "copay" and the professional bills the insurance company for the rest of the cost). Pediatric Behavioral Health has worked very hard to contract with certain insurance companies so that we can provide you with flexibility in where you seek care and how you pay for that care.

About Mental Health Benefits

Most insurance companies use a separate company that manages Behavioral Health / Mental Health benefits. So, although the front of your insurance card lists one name, the back of the card likely lists another one. We are in-network for United Behavioral Health and Beacon Health Strategies. If you have one of the insurances below, chances are that our providers are covered by your insurance.

Insurance Company

Behavioral / Mental Health Company

Harvard Pilgrim

health plans inc

health plans inc

United Behavioral Health

United Healthcare

Fallon Insurance Beacon Health Insurance

GIC Insurance

Using Insurance at Pediatric Behavioral Health

You may be surprised to know that most of our patients do not use their insurance with us. Why? See Frequent Questions. If you will be using your insurance, the following providers are covered by United Behavioral Health and Beacon Health Strategies**

  • Jill Damon-Minow, PsyD
  • Marcia Galvinhill, PhD
  • Kristen Birch, LMHC
  • Tracey Guertin, PhD, HSP
  • Dawn Hartnett, LICSW
  • Heather Kerr, LMHC
  • Patricia Lonergan, LMHC
  • Julie Lysiak RN MS CS
  • Kimberly Mastis MD
  • Jason Minow, PhD
  • Joan Murphy LMHC, MPA
  • Paul Hammerness, MD (Optum only)
  • Michael Birnkrant LMHC,
  • Christine Sauck, PhD
  • Kelley Hendricken, LICSW

**Please Note: Some providers work in multiple locations (e.g. PBH and UMass). Please confirm that your insurance covers the provider's services at Pediatric Behavioral Health.