Pediatric Behavioral Health

About Ms. Oroczo

Ms. Oroczo

Julie Orozco, LICSW, received her Master in Social Work from the University of Connecticut School of  Social Work.  She has worked in the central Massachusetts region for several years in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, and community-based treatment programs.  She specializes in Solution-Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.  She enjoys working with children and families together and uses a holistic and collaborative approach to treatment.

Areas of Practice
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Individual and Family therapy
  • Trauma-informed therapy

Ms. Oroczo's Helpful Tip

Small Steps for Making BIG Changes!

Sometimes the task of making a change is overwhelming!  Most of us are “creatures of habit” and it can be very natural to resist the idea of changing something that we have either grown comfortable with or don’t feel very motivated to change.  Thankfully, many times we can make very impactful and positive changes in our lives/our children’s lives by taking fairly small steps!

Here are a few ideas of small steps that can make big changes in our health and wellness:

  • Healthy eating and drinking is so important to our overall wellness!  Try adding 1 extra glass of water each day.  Make it a family challenge and see who can be the most successful at adding a little more water.
  • Restful sleep is often disturbed by the activities we do just before bedtime.  Create good sleep hygiene but shutting of stimulating electronics before going to bed.  This can be a nice signal to the brain that it’s time to settle into sleep.
  • Exercise is great—even in small amounts!  Take the parking spot further away from door and get a few extra steps in.  Find physical activities that you or your children really enjoy! Staying committed becomes much easier when we look forward to the activity. Simply talking about ways to be healthy can increase our potential for improving our wellness.  
  • Ask kids to identify fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  Talk to them about your favorite fruits and vegetables.
  • Use your smart phone to remind you to take your small step!  Most of use are very busy people and a gentle reminder can help keep us on track!